Shenanigans Dance Band
Melbourne Australia
Established 1980

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Ian & Claire's Wedding at Hanging Rock

Wedding dance

"Shenanigans had our family and friends singing, dancing and laughing into the night. They created the perfect mood to end the perfect day! We recommend them highly, and so do our family and friends."

Elaine and Damian's Wedding at Common Ground

Shenanigans Wedding

"Thanks to Shenanigans our wedding was energetic and interactive. They made everyone feel relaxed and uninhibited and had us swinging around to their melodic magic all night. I recommend them to anyone."

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School Birthday

School birthday

We also perform for 21st birthday parties, 40th birthday parties, 50th birthday parties, 80th birthday parties, 125th birthday parties, any special event or occasion!

Dance caller
And we call the dances!
Shenanigans Dance Band : Phone / Fax (03) 9481 3386 (Australia)
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